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We discuss the Indie RPG The Mountain Witch with its designer Timothy Walters Kleinert. We ask him about how he designed some of the very unique elements of the game; specifily how he turned player-vs-player conflict into a fun time, how he made splitting the party actually a good thing, and how he solved the problem of meta game knowledge.

We also talk to Tim about his planned projects, but you have listen to find out!

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We discuss the card game Pirates of the Spanish Main with its co-designer Mike Selinker. We discuss the challenges in creating a self-contained collectible card game.

We learn about Mike Selinker's other passion: his blog, The Most Beautiful Things where Mike gives his opinion of some of the most beautiful things. Also, listen for his answer to the age old question: who would win in a fight, the ninja or the pirates?

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We discuss the board game Zombies!!! with its designer Todd Breitenstein. We discuss with him all the diffrent versions of the game and the intention behind many of the rules. We also discuss how zombies should not run, ever.

This didn't make it into the show, but you should check out his other game Humans!!! which is Zombies!!! but backwards (you play zombies killing humans).

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Vincent Baker returns to the show to talk about his game Mechaton! Mechaton is an awesome tactical combat game where you build your giant flighty robots out of Lego.

We discuss with Vincent his inspiration for the game and what he thinks Mechaton adds to the well charted genre.

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A Penny For My Thoughts is an innovative game that sits somewhere between a role playing game and and a board game. Players take on the persona of an amnesia patient and tell story's about their forgotten lives using suggestions from the other players.

We discuss with Paul the inspiration of the game and how he came up with many of the mechanics.

If you want to get more of Paul, check out his podcast Have Games Will Travel
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Mitch and Mike discuss Minimus with Ken Burnside after they had a chance to play the game. We also talk about the upcoming Council of 5 Nations convention. Ken Burnside is the creative director at Ad Astra Games.

Minimus is a 4 page role playing game (RPG) that is a complete generic roleplaying system. Mitch and Mike talk to Ken again about Minimus after we had a chance to play the game. We also talk about the Council of 5 Nations convention that we will all be attending the weekend of Oct. 8-11.

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Andrew Looney is owner and sole designer for Looney Labs (yes its his real name!)

Fluxx is a card game with constantly changing rules. It has gone though many versions and flavors. The current iteration is version 4.0 and some flavors are Monty Python and Zombie Fluxx.

We ask Andy about the aesthetics of his game. We also talk about the design principle of "active on all turns" vs "only active on your turn". Andy drops some info about the new Martian Fluxx!

Mike is still on tour, listen if you can hear the hotel staff in the background!
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Corey Konieczka is a game designer at Fantasy Flight Games.

Battelstar Galactia The Board Game is inspired by the reimagined TV show of the same name. The game play mirrors the kinds of events and paranoia prevalent in seasons 1 & 2 of the show.

We discuss with Corey the dynamics of the game. The dynamics match so precisly the tone and feeling of the first two seasons of the TV show. We ask him how the design process changes when you are using a licenced property.

Mike is still on tour during this interview, so he called in from the road, can you hear the trucks?

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James Ernest is a owner and lead designer for Cheapass Games. You can purchase the game he designed for Cheapass at Paizo.com.

Kill Doctor Lucky is a murder mastery board game, where you are the potential murderer. The problem is Doctor Lucky is... well... lucky!

Our conversation with James centers on game tuning. We ask him many questions about how once the ideas for the dynamics and mechanics were in place, how he arrived at the final values for card, board layout, deck composition, etc.

Mike was on tour during the recording of this interview. Sam Handelmen graciously filled in for him. Thank you Sam!

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This is part 2 of a 2 part interview Goto Part 1

Vincent Baker is the owner of and designer for Lumpley Games

Dogs in the Vineyard is an Inde RPG aka "Story Game". In the words of the designer "it's about teenage Mormons with guns". Dogs is an innovative RPG that has garnered much acclaim for its story centric mechanics.

We discuss with Vincent the inspiration behind the game along with the design process he followed. We talk about the Dynamics he wanted to foster and how he engendered that with his mechanics.

This episode is sponsored by Have Games Will Travel: For a Few Games More A podcast about tabletop games by Paul Tevis.

Want to learn more about Dogs in the Vineyard? Read on…


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On Who, What, Why? we discuss game design with game designers and try to learn more about the game design process from the people who design games. Each episode we interview a designer of card games, board games, role playing games, or video games. We have both mainstream and independent developers as guests.

Season 6 April 1st - June 22nd


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