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A podcast about topics in game design featuring the many people who come together to make games possible.


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Advertising and Sponsor Partnerships

My episodes used to be sponsored by other podcasts. If anyone would like to sponsor an episode (you provide me with a bumper, I provide you with one), please send me an email at


Music and Thanks

My music from season 9 to the end of season 10 was credited to Bensound’s royalty free track Retro Soul.

My interview episode music for season 11 and beyond is thanks to Los Sundayers and their song Que Paciencia off their album Disco Pirata.

Our music for the Designing Games with Game Designers segment is credited to Kevin Macleod and his track Early Riser from his Best of 2014 album. 

All music is copyright of the creators of the song. None of the music has been provided except through royalty free music websites. Credit is given here for the generosity of musicians who provide music for small time podcasters to use. Thank you.

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