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In this episode we discuss a brilliant game from one of our favorite designers, Seven Dragons by Andrew Looney. Seven Dragons owes its origins in a previous Looney Labs game named Aquarius. We explore the process Andrew went through in re-tooling Aquarius for Seven Dragons as well as the kid friendly rules section. And we cannot forget the incredible artwork provided by famed fantasy artist, Larry Elmore.

To buy the game, click here.

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In this episode we discuss the game Forbidden Island with designer Matt Leacock. We explore the ways that Forbidden Island creates a constant sense of urgency pushing players to consistently re-evaluate their strategy to win the game.

To learn more about Forbidden Island click here.

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In this episode we learn about a relatively unknown game that takes minutes to play, but provides many hours of fun. The game is Kamakura, and its designer is Alex Montgomery. We explore the various levels of strategy that the game affords players who may be looking for a quick and easy game to pass the time.

To find out more about the game, click here.

*Warning: we had some audio issues with this recording, and I have done my best (within my audacity knowledge) to clean the recording up for the listening public. Please forgive any audio issues that may arise (also, if anyone has any suggestions on plugins or ways to better clear up recordings in audacity, then feel free to email me at mike (at) ninjavspirates (dot) com.)

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Welcome back to the Ninja vs Pirates Podcast. We are kicking off our seventh season with our first interview of two designers at once. In this episode we interview Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews about their game Founding Fathers. We delve into the challenges that come with creating a card-driven game that relies heavily on history. We also learn a lot about the time of the creation of the Constitution.

You may discover more about this game at Jolly Games or BGG.

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In our final episode for season 6 Mitch and I decided to veer off course of our typical podcast. Instead of interviewing a designer, this time we interviewed a woman creating a documentary about the designer board gaming hobby. Without further ado, Ninja vs Pirates brings you our interview with Lorien Green about her upcoming documentary Going Cardboard. We discuss the hobby and how it has taken shape since its early days in Germany. We also discuss the difference between American style and German style board games.

To learn more about her documentary and view some clips, head to www.boardgamemovie.com.

We at Ninja vs Pirates hope you enjoyed this season. I apologize for the infrequency of our releases. Thank you for listening, and we'll see you again in season 7.

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In this episode we roll the dice to explore a game all about creating and discovering your own dungeon; bringing life to places that previously had none. Tony Dowler discusses his game, How to Host a Dungeon, which puts the player in the shoes of dungeon crafter utilizing dice tables (oh, we love those) to give the game an element of surprise. How to Host a Dungeon could be used to create dungeons for your own RPG crawls, but don't overlook the enjoyment of creating maps for the sake of creating them.

Roll the dice yourself to check out this fantastic single-player game.

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In this episode we revisit the game of Fluxx, but focus on the genre specific versions with Andy Looney. We delve into the particulars about licensed products as well with some discussion of Monty Python Fluxx. Overall, there is a lot of fun information to learn from this episode, and for our regular listeners, who doesn't love hearing Andy Looney.

Go here to buy any version of Fluxx, though my personal favorite is Zombie Fluxx. ARG!

Wouldn't it be amazing if Fluxx came in a big box set? Get on that, Andy!

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In this episode we discuss one of the new GURPS line titled Action! Sean discusses how this iteration of the GURPS system aims to bring the players into their very own action movie. We explore the ins and outs of the system as well as the influences that Sean sought to bring players such an exciting version of GURPS.

For more information or to buy the game, click here.

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This next set of interviews is our second two-parter of the season. In this first part, we talk about GURPS Basic Set 4 with Sean Punch. We discuss the ins and outs of the GURPS system, and how the system has changed and adapted over the number of years it has been around. Focusing on 4th edition, Sean offers us a lot to think about concerning role-playing games that offer such a comprehensive system to its players.

To buy GURPS Basic Set 4th edition click here.

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In this episode we learn more about the well-known title from White Wolf/CCP with line editor, Justin Achilli. We discuss Vampires' place in the history of the role-playing genre, the focus on story telling, and its popularity as a live action event. Ultimately, we end the interview leaving the listeners with probably the most important question to consider for the future of the franchise: do vampires use twitter? This was an immensely fun interview.

Vampire the Masquerade is coming out with a 20th anniversary edition. You can learn more about it here and here.

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