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Oct 27, 2016

Cardboard Edison, the husband and wife pair who host the game design blog of the same name, also design their own games, and one of those games is currently on Kickstarter. Cobras is a trick-taking card game about feeding the market with cobras to collect on the reward for catching cobras. If the magistrate closes the bounty when you're left holding a pile of cobras, you could be in for an unpleasant time. The game rewards players for both winning and losing tricks, which adds an intriguing layer of depth not usually seen in most trick-taking games (Hearts? Spades depending on how many books you bet?). For those who are inclined toward solo gaming, Cobras offers a solo variant, which is also unheard of in many trick-taking games.

Cardboard Edison are teaming up with Eric who they have enlisted to help manage the Kickstarter, which is up and running right now. If you like trick-taking games, please check this game out on Kickstarter right now.

Credits: Cobra icon credited to emel çelik from