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A podcast about topics in game design featuring the many people who come together to make games possible.

Mar 6, 2021

Bruno Sauttier, co-designer of 7th Continent, joined me to talk about his massive game. We discussed the creation of the game and the different systems involved in the game. One of the most surprising things for me was hearing about how visual the game is and how important that is to communicate information.


Feb 21, 2021

Anna Blackwell and Doug Levandowski, both designers of solo journaling RPGs, joined me to talk about these kinds of games. We discussed what they are, what draws people to playing them, and what are some techniques for designing them.

Credits: journal by Creative Stall from the Noun Project

Feb 18, 2021

This is part 2 of my discussion with Jeff, Jonny, and Ben about the 5 games designers can learn a lot from. We cover 3 more each, so multiply that by 4 people... that's 12 more games for your designing ears! This is also longer... sorry or you're welcome.

Credits: ziggurat of ur by Linseed Studio from the Noun Project

Feb 14, 2021

Jeff Warrender, Jonny Pac, and Ben Maddox (of 5 Games 4 Doomsday fame) joined me to talk about the first half (or so) of the 5 games each of us believe helps to teach budding designers something important about game design. This is a two-part episode with the last 3 choices coming in the second part. There are 8 games...

Feb 11, 2021

Simone Luciani, designer of games like Tzolk'in, Barrage, Voyages of Marco Polo and more, joined me to talk about his career as a game designer. We delved into his work process and a lot of the similar mechanisms that have cropped up in his games.

Credits: Italy by Tom Walsh from the Noun Project