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A podcast about topics in game design featuring the many people who come together to make games possible.

Feb 27, 2022

Another episode of Why Ska?! Why are you all so lucky? My friend from college, Jon, joins me to reminisce about a New Paltz local ska band we used to see in all sorts of venues: college cafeterias, other college campuses, on my final college radio show, etc. We were excited when we discovered this band because it was...

Feb 18, 2022

In this second episode, I wanted to provide a bit of context for those who may not know how ska has been informing Who, What, Why for quite a while now. This is also a chance for me to give some public credit to the Mexican ska bands that have helped give me some kick ass intro and outro music.

Feb 15, 2022

Takashi Sawada, designer of Floating Floors, and Stella Jahja, co-founder of Guf Studios, both joined me to talk about this unique balancing strategy game live on Kickstarter right now. We discussed the game's origins, its development, and its life with Guf Studios. We also discussed Guf Studios game publishing...

Feb 11, 2022

Conor McGoey, designer of Summit and owner of Inside Up Games, joined me to talk about Summit, Inside Up Games, so, so many other topics. It was a great conversation about all sorts of topics. Check this one out.

Inside Up Games 

Feb 4, 2022

Elli Amir, designer of Worldbreakers, joined me to talk about this interesting 2 player game set in a pre-colonial Western Asia (think Mongol Empire sort of era). We discussed the intricacies of designing 2 player card games, Elli's decision to set the game in an underrepresented era, and ways to keep the game's...