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A podcast about topics in game design featuring the many people who come together to make games possible.

Sep 8, 2015

GemPacked Cards, designed by Eduardo Baraf, is a game that brings swipe-three-style app games to the tabletop. In this game players use the primary and secondary color spectrum to try to change geminos into gems and gems into diamonds in an effort to walk away with the most points once the gemino supply is exhausted. Players have a variety of ways that they can spend their tokens and cards on their turn. Each player has complete control over the board. Geminos can be exchanged in pairs either with matching colors (2 red for a red gem) or primary colors that mix together to form a secondary gem (1 red and 1 yellow for 1 orange gem). What is interesting about this game is that this exchange is not only one way. Players can deconstruct gems diamonds into the geminos that make it up and use those geminos to then collect other cards worth more points. The game will satisfy seasoned gamers and new gamers. The game works well with new and old gamers because other players cannot mess with the active player on his or her turn.

Our discussion focused on the origin of this simple game and how it connects with an iPhone app that plays similarly but is not an app version of the game. We discuss the game play, which encourages players to use color to create new types of cards and break up those cards. The game offers a player a lot of freedom to consider the puzzle as he or she wishes without interruption from other players. Finally, we learned that Ed approached this Kickstarter differently from how he approached his last one (Lift Off!).

This game is on Kickstarter right now if you wish to support Ed and back his game. The Kickstarter ends on September 23rd. Check it out!