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A podcast about topics in game design featuring the many people who come together to make games possible.

Nov 27, 2020

RPGs have always been for kids and now even more so! Questlings RPG designed by Banana Chan and Tim Devine and co-published with Letiman Games gives kids the chance to role play as kids facing challenges that kids face. This episode explores the design and how this game came to be.

Credits: smiley face by Ricardo...

Nov 15, 2020

Randy O'Connor, designer of Roll in One, joined me to talk about his dice game about golf. This game has a really interesting rolling mechanic that provides as much control as it does no control over the ball. As a dice lover, I am a fan of this mechanic.

If you like the game, it is live on Kickstarter now.


Nov 13, 2020

Jonny Pac, designer of games like Fistful of Meeples, Coloma, and developer of the upcoming Endless Winter, joined me to talk about his own designs rather than just a design topic. This was a cool conversation that really runs the gamut from specific games to broader design topics about developing good games.


Nov 10, 2020

Deon Mixon, designer of the game Design Eye, joined me to talk about his game. He has a really interesting backstory and purpose for this game. He wanted to educate kids about the world of design and bring more black youth into the world of design.

For more information out there about BIPOC creators in all forms of...

Nov 6, 2020

Sarah Sayles, designer of Diamonds for Water, joined me to talk about her game. We focused on the way in which she incorporated the real world concerns of water accessibility into her favorite game mechanic: deckbuilding. We also discuss the variety of jobs that Sarah, a recent Ph.D. in water, have helped her navigate...